Common Questions

How to remove trend lines from a chart?


It is easy - double-click the object and press the "Delete" key. You can also edit the object using your mouse after you double-click it. And yet, you can successively remove last added objects using either the "Charts - Delete Last Object" command or the "Backspace" key.


How to draw a trend parallel to an existing one?


Double-click the existing trend, hold down the "Ctrl" key and move its copy with your mouse.


How to obtain quotation data via DDE and what is the format of such requests?


To do it, you should enable the "Options - Server - Enable DDE Server" option in the settings and restart MetaTrader 4.


The format of requests is quite simple:


  • - request BID: =MT4 | BID!USDCHF 1.6607
  • - request ASK: =MT4 | ASK!USDCHF 1.6612
  • - request HIGH: =MT4 | HIGH!USDCHF 1.6642
  • - request LOW: =MT4 | LOW!USDCHF 1.6601
  • - request TIME: =MT4 | TIME!USDCHF 17/08/01 15:38
  • - request QUOTE: =MT4 | QUOTE!USDCHF 17/08/01 15:38 1.6607 1.6612 1.6609


You can find a complete example of using DDE in the DDE-Sample.xls file of the terminal distribution package.


I enable DDE, launch the DDE-Sample.xls example, but Bid/Ask for USD/CHF and GBP/USD is displayed incorrectly. Why?


It is because of the excessive intelligence of Excel. Enable the following option in the Excel menu: "Tools - Options - Transition - Transition formula entry".


Is there a Russian version of the MetaTrader 4 client terminal?


The program is fully translated into Russian. Use the "View - Languages" menu to switch between languages.


Where can I find the description of technical indicators used in MetaTrader 4?


You can find the description of indicators here.


What should I do to display the result in the "Profit" column in pips instead of in money?


To do it, right-click on the trade terminal and select >Profit as Points>.


Can I use one MetaTrader 4 to work with different companies?


You can use one terminal, just change the server address in its settings.


Could you tell me if it is possible to print charts in color? If yes, how can I do it?


To print charts in color, you should select the "Color Print" checkbox in the program settings. And after that select the "File - Print" command from the menu as usual.


What factors influence the incoming and outgoing traffic in the program?


Outgoing traffic depends on the user's activity. It is really small. Incoming traffic directly depends on the number of open chart windows.


My incoming traffic with 4 hourly windows for the major currency pairs opened in the program nearly reached 600 KB for 10 minutes! Is it some bug or is everything okay?


It is initial history loading. The matter is that several thousand bars are loaded for each chart. Further on, the traffic will be very small because the history is already loaded.


Could you tell me what figures in the "Commission" and "Interest" columns of the trade terminal mean?


The "Commission" field shows the commission taken for making the deal. The "Interest" field shows rollovers for extending an open position for another day.


I cannot remove currency quotations from the "Market Watch" window.


It is impossible to remove an instrument from "Market Watch" if:


1. there is an open chart for it;

2. there is an open position for it.


According to what time zone quotations are displayed in MetaTrader?


Look at the title bar of the< Market Watch >.


The time on charts is 2 hours behind the Moscow time. Is it done on purpose?


Trade time is determined by the server and cannot be changed be means of the client terminal.


And what is this double click? When I double-click the lower-left corner of a chart, an input dialog box appears. I enter something and nothing happens. What is it for?


This dialog box makes it easy to switch between charts and periods and move a chart to a certain place. The format is as follows:


1. symbol,period

2. symbol

3. period

4. time

5. date

6. date, time


What does the "Step By Step" command in the Charts menu of MetaTrader 4 do?


This command is used to move a chart step by step (a bar at a time).


There is a profile in the program already. I change it a bit and exit МetaТrader WITHOUT SAVING it. Is it that the profile with changes will be loaded next time I open the program?


Yes, all changes are saved into the current profile at once.


Sometimes I have to move the mouse pointer along the bar or ticker for a long time to see a hint.


The matter is that hints are displayed when the mouse pointer is near the Close price. You can also see the necessary data in the "Data" window.


Tell me, please, how many digits after a decimal point in constant numbers МetaТrader 4 understands?


MetaTrader 4 stores and processes all numbers as double precision number (double data type) and does not round them.


Fibonacci arcs are displayed as straight lines.


You can adjust the scale using the price axis. By default, one period is matches 1 point, but it is not enough on daily and weekly charts and you should adjust the scale.


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