Could one open a virtual account right away and get registered?


Yes, of course one may get registered and open a training account.


I am trying to get registered by filling out the form, but it is not working. A window pops up and the message in it says that not all fields on the page are filled. What is the matter?


When registering a training account, it is essential to submit the correct and full information about yourself. Instead of submitting the correct information, you are most likely typing in lines such as: 11, dsjhjhds, aa e.t.c. Simply type in the correct data.


Are demo accounts temporary?


Yes, they are. Demo accounts usually last for half a month or a full month.


I have recently opened a training account, however today the program says that the login is invalid. Why is that?


Training accounts are usually provided to a user for a certain period of time, then they are automatically deleted. In this case the advice would be simply to open a new demo account.


Why is it when I open the news, I get the empty window without the news in it?


Demo accounts only list news headings.


When doing the real trading online and trying to apply an order, a message appears, saying "Price changed".


The problem is that on your real accounts you have got no more than 7 seconds (including the time of receiving the price and submitting your answer) to confirm your decision about the transaction. If the connection you have is not perfect, you simply might run out of time. You could submit a letter to the support service of the company, where you opened your real account, indicate your account number and ask them to check your transactions and see whether you exceeded your waiting time limit (timeouts). You may also get the message "Price changed" if the price changed and the broker refused to enter into a transaction at that price.


Why do I get the message "Not Enough Money" when I'm trying to occupy a position?


Check the free margin rate and the volume of transaction in question.


When doing the real trading online and trying to apply an order, a message appears, saying "Price changed".


Demo accounts only list news headings.


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