Trade the most liquid market in the world
24 hours a day, 5 days a week
Leverage up to 400:1
Tight spreads and NO re-quotes
Access the real time market 24 hours a day
NO commissions, NO hidden costs


The terms forex and fx are virtually household names today. They stand for foreign exchange market, the worldwide largest and most liquid over-the-counter financial market for currency trading.


The forex market is accessible 24 hours a day, and it operates through a global network of private entities, corporations and banks. Its nonstop operation offers you a unique opportunity: instant reaction to latest financial news.


Forex is the unique combination of trading, investing and exchanging currencies according to specific rates. With its huge trading volume, global presence, the low trading fees compared to other financial markets, and the use of leverage for profit margin increase make the forex market unparalleled.




Financial freedom and democracy play a major role in forex: no other investment opportunity is as versatile, open and accessible to everyone as the forex market.


There are no limitations to who can start trading it. Irrespective of skills, age, education or geographical location, forex is open to all those who want to grow their income and are ready to invest with the smallest amount possible.


Compared to other investment opportunities, forex tops the list. While keeping your money in savings accounts or in government bonds most often means a low annual return rate, forex investments are not limited in the returns they generate.


Profit is not fixed in advance – it is the direct result of how you trade and what deals you make. It is true that higher returns in forex involve a higher level of risk, but the relatively low risk for savings accounts and bonds most often do not compensate for the interest rate that sometimes barely goes above the inflation rate.




The flexibility in taking decisions, developing trading strategies, investing and profiting is priceless on the forex market.


While the worldwide stock markets can only be measured in billions, the forex market is 60 times bigger, boasting with a huge trading volume of $4 trillion a day.


Though national economies affect the forex market, in this respect it has another advantage over stock markets: as opposed to buying stocks, a forex investor can gain profit irrespective of currency fluctuations. Buying or selling currencies at the prevailing exchange rates is possible without restrictions to place or time – and with a single mouse click.


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